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Staff Application [Helper]

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IGN: Blandr

Age: 16

Discord: Avery#3207

My name is Avery, and Blandr in game. I am a Sophomore in highschool, but I always have plenty of time during the day. I usually check my phone during school so I can do that and read the discord logs. When I'm home I usually don't have too much stuff to do so I like to relax and play Minecraft. I joined the server I think a week after release, whenever my friend told me about it. It's been a few days. I like the current community and feel a survival server with no griefing needs enough staff to easily prevent and fix grief incidents. I'm from Michigan so my timezone would be UTC -4 Eastern Daylight Time (currently 1:25PM as of writing). I have plenty of experience with administrating / moderating Minecraft servers and experience with other games. I also moderate a discord server with about 2000 people (i can invite if you need to see that). I was even considered as being welcomed as a helper on Mineplex when it used to be a huge server, but back then I was one year too young so they were forced to decline me.

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