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Application Rules

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Before you make your staff application, there are some rules we want you to follow before making it. 

  • It must be a somewhat lengthy application, at least one to two paragraphs.
  • You must be 13 years or older, unless we make an exception.
  • Do not spam your application or continue to ask staff about looking at it, we will eventually get to it.
  • Do not apply for staff on another post, you must make your own topic.
  • You can only apply for Helper. Any higher ranks and you will have to edit your application.
  • You must have access to, and be active on the Forums, Discord, and Minecraft Server.
  • Your application must explain why you want to be staff and tell a little bit about yourself.
  • If you are new or unknown to most people on the server, please wait a while and get to know people before applying.
  • Do not copy, paste, and edit someone's application. It will be removed.

NOTE: Please try to be mature in your application, in regards to both grammar and attitude. We will not be too strict on this, but it is appreciated.
NOTE: We might remove applications that don't follow most of these rules (for example, plagiarized applications.)

Example Application:

IGN: CamoWisp
Age: 18
Discord: CamoWisp#9023

Hello, my name is Chad, or CamoWisp in-game. I have been on this server for a few months now and have gotten to know the community quite a bit. I've decided that I should try and become a Helper to be able to help out the community further. Sometimes staff are all unavailable while players are breaking the rules. I am from Ohio, and have never been out-of-state, though I wish to travel very soon. I have recently taken up an interest in Ocarinas, and plan to further learn the instrument in the future. As for a long-term career, potentially going into IT or something similar. Currently I enjoy setting up and configuring servers in my free-time. I hope that I'll be accepted!

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