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Welcome to Wisp Valley!

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Hello, everyone. I am CamoWisp, Administrator & Owner of Wisp Valley. I originally created this server for fun, however recently decided to work towards creating a new community. Originally a whitelist server, now public. This server is meant to be a close-to-vanilla survival experience, with a few sugar-coated plugins. Around half of the current plugins are for server, staff, network or utility purposes. The rest are favorite personals and quality-of-life improvements, such as a plugin that lets only half of current online players be required to sleep & skip the night.

Current Server Ideologies:

  • I do not plan to ever clear/reset the world. Only for corruption, or world-breaking updates.
  • Faithful to actual survival with gradual perks.
  • Harder survival, longer-lasting gameplay.
  • Donator ranks only receive perks & boosts to survival, that aren't too over-powered.
  • Auto farms & mob grinders are heavily supported, as long as they aren't AFK based, lag-out the server, or made in creative mode (staff/builders.)

General Community Information:

Server IP: play.wispvalley.com
Server Dynmap: http://play.wispvalley.com:2561/
Server Discord: https://discord.gg/mxejpjJ
Donation Site: https://wispvalley.buycraft.net/
PlanetMinecraft: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/wisp-valley-whitelist/
Current Staff Members: https://wispvalley.com/index.php?/staff/

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