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Server Rules

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Wisp Valley Server Rules

  • Griefing

Griefing is the act of editing another players' build (changing, removing or adding onto blocks) without permission. Anything that has been changed can be rolled back with LogBlock, and the griefer will have been logged, thus allowing us to screenshot for evidence, and ban the user.

  • Stealing

Stealing is self explanatory. If you take items from another players' containers (or if dropped on death) it will be logged, and you will be banned from the server. The items will also be returned to the other player.

  • Disrespect

This community is a mostly chill one, so no one appreciates when someone is being a general cunt. Disrespect can be funny to some degree, and fine with others, though most may still take issue with it. Please be mindful of what is said.

  • Swearing

Swearing is completely allowed. If you take issue with it, you may want to find another server.

  • Impersonation

Impersonation is the act of pretending to be another member of the community, usually through means of changing your nickname. No one really likes to be impersonated, so any member trying to do so will be warned.

  • Exploits | Glitches

There's a good chance that players will find a few exploits on the server, whether it be from the base game or from plugins. These should be reported to staff so that it may be patched in some way. Abusing these exploits for personal gain is not permitted.

  • Hacking | Modding

Usage of any hacks or mods that aid in personal gain or advantage over others are strictly prohibited. These include resource packs, such as X-Ray. Optifine, Minimaps, and other harmless mods are permitted.

  • Spamming

Nobody wants to see the chat flooded with the same thing over and over when trying to have a discussion. Anyone spamming chats, including private messages, will be muted, and eventually banned if choosing to continue.

  • Advertising

Advertising other server IP's are not permitted, unless given permission by an Administrator. Mini-game servers are fine, considering most players know of their existence already. We do not partner with other servers.

  • Asking for Ranks & Spawned Items

Self explanatory. Asking staff for server ranks, spawned in items, or other such permissions is obviously annoying, and you aren't going to get very far. This also goes for asking another player for their donator items. No player should have items that are from a higher rank than their own.

  • Setting /home Without Permission

We've found that most players enjoy their privacy and would rather not have some stranger set a /home in their base without permission. Homes that are set in others' homes without permission will be removed, and the player will be warned.

  • Ban Evading

Ban Evading is the act of using an alternate account to access the server after being banned. Players usually get banned for a reason. If you attempt to bypass your ban, you will be IP banned and more than likely will have any future appeals denied. If you are banned, the better action is to appeal it here: https://www.wispvalley.com/index.php?/forum/3-ban-appeals/

  • Teleport Abuse

Killing or trapping another player after teleporting to, or them to you is prohibited. This is obviously a pure dick move.

  • Auto Farms

Auto farms of all types are fully supported on the server. All we ask is that they do not put stress on the server, or too much stress on the chunks around it.

  • AFK Machines/Pools

Our server has a 15 minute AFK auto-kick for a reason. More players usually creates more lag, so machines or pools that work by bypassing the auto-AFK system are prohibited, and will be destroyed.

  • Spawned Items

Users (mainly donators) that have spawned-in items are not permitted to sell, distribute, or breakdown (mcMMO) the items.


[Server rules are subject to change at any time, however we prefer to keep it steady.]

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