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Appeal Template (Read First!)

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Hello, obviously you are most likely here as you have been banned on our server. If you wish to be unbanned, you must first create an appeal in this forum. Though first, there are some guidelines.

  • It is highly suggested to follow the template below (not the paragraph, but the text highlighted in blue. Do not copy the entire appeal.)
  • Do not message or ask staff to view your appeal, we will get to them eventually.
  • Your chances of being unbanned get lower the more you are banned.
  • You may only create an appeal for yourself, not for friends or family.
  • Staff always have a reason for banning a user, as they are also required to screenshot proof. Please do not say you were banned for no reason.

Now that that's out of the way, here is an example appeal for you to base yours off of:

IGN: CamoWisp
Banned By: King_Anthrax
Reason: Ban Evading
Date of Ban: 4/7/2019

Hello, I would like to appeal a ban for Ban Evading. I was banned previously for Griefing, and instead of appealing I thought I'd try to rejoin the server under a different account, which has led to me getting IP banned. I now realize this is a heavy offense, and regret my actions. I wish to come back to the server and continue playing with my friends. I promise I will refrain from griefing or ban evading in the future.

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