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Staff Application [Helper]

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IGN: locklan

Discord: vlad#1359

Age: 17

Time zone: UTC -4 Eastern Daylight Time

I'm from Michigan and I joined this server a few days after it went live and have struck a cord with the lovely members of the community and staff. I've administrated a handful of other servers on Minecraft among other games, I'm familiar with most server-side plugins/commands and I've much experience in managing a community. Due to the laid back nature of this server I'm fairly certain I'm a good fit for the position... being as I've already been acting in the role for the lesser half of a day now it's only right to explain why I'm qualified for said-role. I'd love to help out around the server in any way I can, I have more than enough time in the day to monitor logs, be active on the server, and help expand the lovely community this server has cultivated thus far. I'm fairly active on the server when I can be, and fully intend on keeping up that trend. When I did administrate Minecraft servers I had always made it a point to put the community / other staff first. A server is nothing without it's community, and having people that value that working to uphold it sounds only logical to me.

Hope to be solidified within the position, and if not I'll keep having a lovely time enjoying the server regardless.

locklan 🙂

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