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Found 2 results

  1. Before you make your staff application, there are some rules we want you to follow before making it. It must be a somewhat lengthy application, at least one to two paragraphs. You must be 13 years or older, unless we make an exception. Do not spam your application or continue to ask staff about looking at it, we will eventually get to it. Do not apply for staff on another post, you must make your own topic. You can only apply for Helper. Any higher ranks and you will have to edit your application. You must have access to, and be active on the Forums, Discord, and Minecraft Server. Your application must explain why you want to be staff and tell a little bit about yourself. If you are new or unknown to most people on the server, please wait a while and get to know people before applying. Do not copy, paste, and edit someone's application. It will be removed. NOTE: Please try to be mature in your application, in regards to both grammar and attitude. We will not be too strict on this, but it is appreciated. NOTE: We might remove applications that don't follow most of these rules (for example, plagiarized applications.) Example Application: IGN: CamoWisp Age: 18 Discord: CamoWisp#9023 Hello, my name is Chad, or CamoWisp in-game. I have been on this server for a few months now and have gotten to know the community quite a bit. I've decided that I should try and become a Helper to be able to help out the community further. Sometimes staff are all unavailable while players are breaking the rules. I am from Ohio, and have never been out-of-state, though I wish to travel very soon. I have recently taken up an interest in Ocarinas, and plan to further learn the instrument in the future. As for a long-term career, potentially going into IT or something similar. Currently I enjoy setting up and configuring servers in my free-time. I hope that I'll be accepted!
  2. Obviously, staff must follow their own set of rules just like members. Staff must remain professional and be able to calmly deal with any situation. Staff must be as respectful as possible towards members of the community. However, if you are extremely rude towards staff, don't expect the nice treatment. Staff must not abuse their powers. Any staff found disrupting the peace will receive consequences. Staff must remain at least somewhat active to keep their rank. If they are gone for an extended period of time with no warning, they will be demoted. If you wish to become a staff member on the server, you must have been active for a decent amount of time first and foremost, well-known in the community, and be willing to help others. View the Applications forum for more information.
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